Who Are We?

Join the Solar Revolution with Zenergy PV Solar

The UK has seen a 1500% (yes 1500%) increase in installation of PV Solar systems since the government replaced solar grants with the simple, but fair, Feed In Tariff scheme (F.I.T). This scheme gives homeowners the opportunity to invest in Zenergy PV Solar, saving money on extortionate energy bills and benefit from a fantastic return of 8%-12% per annum over 25 years.

Zenergy PV Solar is a young, dynamic Yorkshire based company with a commitment to offering consumers the best investment return possible, coupled with the most technologically advanced solar systems available.

It is no surprise that demand for fossil fuels from depleting resources such as oil and gas is expected to soar over the coming years, leaving homeowners no alternative but to source other forms of renewable energy.

Zenergy PV Solar is not a one-man band solar company. For consumer peace of mind all our installations are carried out by MCS accredited installers, professionally trained by Ploughcraft (as featured on Dragons’ Den). All our work, from start to finish, is comes with a no quibble insurance-backed 10 year guarantee.

As for our products and solar systems, we have negotiated great value rates with some of the world’s most reputable companies, ensuring both domestic and commercial customers get the best products at the best prices.

Myths and Truths of PV Solar Technology

Myths Truths
Britain is not sunny enough. The panels do not work off sunlight, they work off natural daylight, therefore can generate electricity all year round.
Solar energy is not efficient enough. PV Systems (unlike hot water solar thermal systems) are extremely efficient and export the energy not used.
Solar energy is too expensive. It has never been cheaper. And with the government backed ‘Feed in Tariff’ you will see a dramati improvement in your energy costs. Guidance suggests a level of up to 10% return can be made on your purchase price.
The payback is too long. Your PV System may pay for itself many times over in its lifetime. The system may also increase the value of your home.
It won’t make any difference to the environment. If every suitable roof in the UK was fitted with PV solar UK Ltd. panels, they could generate more than the nation’s current electricity demand.

How It Works

By converting light into electricity - our technology is not to be confused with existing solar water heating systems (evacuated tubes) that are less efficient and require water pipes and storage tanks.

We use a system called Photovoltaic (or PV for short), which generates electricity by using daylight on silicon solar cells, normally located on yourroof. When the electricity generated by the silicon solar cells is not being used, it can be sold back into the national grid then taken back from the national grid when there is no daylight and you have a demand for energy.

Silent and maintenance free, a solar system not only adds value to your home, it produces clean electricity, helping to protect generations to come.

Choosing a quality solution

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